Queanbeyan Rodeo Protest – Saturday, 9 March 2019


Please join Animal Liberation ACT and the Anti-Speciesist Action Collective to protest the Queanbeyan Rodeo. This outdated and cruel form of entertainment bills itself as a day of “Skills, Spills, and Thrills”. Terrified animals are purposefully harmed to give a ‘good show’, injured, and often die. There is no skill or thrill in this, and the spills are often deadly for the animals forced to participate. Events such as these attempt to normalise exploitation and abuse of animals as a part of country life.

Come along and show solidarity with the animals who have no choice in their participation, and with your fellow activists. Together we can show that those willing to oppose all forms of animal exploitation are growing in number.

For those attending and planning on driving out – if you have extra seats and are willing to carpool please comment and indicate where you may be able to take people from (eg inner north, belco etc). Parking will be busy at the grounds so the fewer cars, the better!

We have signs ready for people to use. If you wish to bring or make your own please do.

This event is not child friendly.

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