Working Bees @ A Poultry Place with Vegan ACT

The Human of A Poultry Place has fractured his ankle, so we’ve been putting on lots of working bees to help with the immense workload of running a sanctuary for hundreds of rescued birds! Help us help A Poultry Place

So, do you have some spare time this Saturday? Then let’s get hands on and help out for the day at A Poultry Place for another Vegan ACT Working Bee. 💪😁

This is a really great chance to meet the residents, learn some of their stories and the workings of a sanctuary, and most of all to give a little of your time to make a contribution for the animals, and the people that champion them. 🐓🐥🐔

So come and join us for a day of making new friends and memories on the 14th of October.

Email or PM Michelle Isobel for any queries or to RSVP.
Location is Murrumbateman. Directions will be given when you RSVP, some lifts are available.

Free lunch and tour of the sanctuary provided. Please get in touch if you need any further details!

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