Donate much needed funds to ‘Our Animal Rescue Place’ (OARP) run by Vegans near Melbourne

Our Animal Rescue Place



Original Post by Stacie Michelle

There’s over one thousand vegans in here for the animals, there is no way we can allow this sanctuary to close!! This is the exact reason we are vegan, for the animals with no voice and these surviving animals need our help!!!

As a community we can bring new restaurants into the spotlight, get Frys restocked in supermarkets, name and shame bad business – we can make a difference for OARPI and their 50 animals.

We all dream of having our own animal sanctuary but the reality is, it is so much work and money, which is why there are very few out there..

Please spread the word and help with a small monthly donation.
Imagine if we all donated $5 a month..

This is their website to set up a monthly donation:

Their GoFund Me page:

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