Laila El Ayadi (Secretary)

I have been vegan since 2013, inspired by my husband who decided to make the change after being vegetarian for a number of years. I was completely ignorant and naive to animal agriculture and the process of animal food products, along with the health and environmental damage that is caused by these industries. I told my husband when he first transitioned to veganism “I will never go vegan” and I truly believed that. After learning extensively about the horrific industries that produce animal products that was enough for me to change my life. I became vegan for the animals, I’ve always had a soft spot for animals as most of us do, but I was blinded by social conditioning into believing the products that we eat and wear, and animal’s used for entertainment is normal and okay. Having learnt about all the other amazing benefits of a vegan lifestyle I am vegan for all these reasons now too. I’m very passionate about animal rights and enjoy being involved in activism and outreach experiences to plant seeds of compassion and raise awareness about how easy and wonderful it is to live a cruelty free and vegan life.

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