Cancelled: Little Lambs – Kid Friendly Vegan Outreach! – Saturday, 30 June 2018

Facebook event page:

When:  11:00-1:00, Saturday 30 June 2018

Where:  Garema Place, Civic

How cute!
Children are the future and the younger generation are starting to dominate the vegan movement, so let’s encourage them to explore their compassion for animals and learn about a kindhearted lifestyle!

We will be showing kid friendly videos while having age appropriate discussions that build the foundation of making connections between the animals that we love (cats and dogs) and the animals that we eat (pigs and lambs).

If you’re new to activism this is a gentle way to get started!

We’re also looking for some keen beans to wear our animal costumes and interact with the public in a fun and engaging way

-Bring a laptop, we’ll send you the vids!
-Dress adaptable to weather

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