Counter-presence @ Pro-Greyhound Racing Rally – Monday, 27 November 2017

Come along to the Legislative Assembly **this Monday** to show your support of the ban on greyhound racing in the ACT, and to remember the thousands of victims of greyhound racing annually. The protest is not long, so feel free to drop by in your lunchbreak – we will have extra signs.

This Monday supporters of the greyhound racing industry are rallying in Canberra at the Legislative Assembly to oppose a ban a greyhound racing. The pro-racing rally is being held the day before legislation banning greyhound racing is expected to be debated and passed. We want to ensure that the victims of this industry are also represented as well as community support for the ban, please join us! 🙂

Bring signs which illustrate your support for the ban, your remembrance of animals affected by this industry and love of greyhounds! Please don’t bring any offensive signs (PM if you’re unsure!) or anything aimed at attendees of the pro-racing rally.

If you have any queries, please PM Vegan ACT

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