Gareth (Membership Officer and Support)

My partner Michelle and I became vegan in January of 2014. We had initially got into the ethics through everyday shopping and taking an interest in where our money was going because of our purchases. Then after reading about the practices in farms and slaughterhouses, it was clear that there was no ethical way to pursue an animal based diet.

One moment of clarity that stands out to me was reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s ‘Eating Animals,’ and basically being asked what it is that makes a domestic pet any more deserving of respect than a farm animal. As a lifelong animal lover, the lack of distinction was deeply troubling.
I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and with the huge amount great vegan cookbooks and websites available I’ve had so many new and delightful experiences. I couldn’t imagine ever running out of inspiration. I really enjoy showing others how tasty and nutritious vegan food can be.
I’ve never felt so at peace with myself, and look forward to showing people how easy, fulfilling (and yummy) it is to live without animal products.

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