Videos from Candle-Lit Vigil For the Chickens – 4 November 2017

Local activist Laila recounting her experience with liberating birds as unique and important as the 200,000 chickens who live out their short brutal lives at Parkwood Eggs in Macgregor ACT.

Save chickens – ditch eggs

Joey Carbstrong speaking at the Chicken Vigil held by Vegan ACT and Animal Liberation ACT for the chickens of Parkwood Eggs, and all chickens affected by the egg industry

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200,000 hidden lives: Let’s bring them to light.

In the Belconnen suburb of MacGregor, around 200,000 curious, intelligent hens live out their lives in sorrow-filled, windowless sheds. When these hens reach 18 months old, with egg production dropping, they are sent to slaughter and replaced – with young chickens who are subjected to the same process.

Join us in shining a light on the lives of chickens, and imploring Canberrans to help end the harm and exploitation of chickens by choosing not to consume eggs or any animal products at a candle-lit vigil held by Vegan ACT & Animal Liberation ACT on Saturday the 4th of November.


Photos from ALACT Protest Against the Kangaroo Kill – 31 May 2017

Animal Liberation ACT’s protest to oppose the kangaroo killing in Canberra was held in the City from 4.30 – 6 on Wednesday May 31.

The aim of the protest was to bring the ongoing atrocities of the kangaroo kill in Canberra to the public, and to raise awareness about the significant acts of violence being perpetrated on an iconic and gentle native animal and their young.

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Please spread the word about this issue!

March to Close All Slaughterhouses – 11 March 2017

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Thank you from the organisers of the very first March to Close All Slaughterhouses in Canberra, Vegan ACT and Animal Liberation ACT, Lara Drew & Michelle Isobel<3

We were blown away by the response from the Canberra vegan community with over 100 participants. Your compassion, creativity and commitment was a force to be reckoned with.
We just know many members of the public went home with their complacency challenged and new possibilities awoken, so thank you! And thank you to everyone whose support we had from home and afar.

Thank you to our speakers, local heroes for the animals: Carolyn Drew, Bede Carmody and Tara Ward.

Thank you to all the helpers on the day and in the lead up who made it happen, too many to name! You are all wonderful!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who took photos on the day: Reeni, Tara, Jyoti and more. And of course to Gareth who took the photos we share now (and who is always behind the scenes helping make things happen!).

We can’t wait to do it all again next year, and then we will look back reflect on all the leaps forward we have made as a community in that time.

So let’s do it – let’s push things forward, for the animals!


Animal ACTivism Collective: Vegan Presence at Canberra Palm Sunday Rally – Sunday, 20 March 2016

Palm Sunday Rally 2016

The theme of this rally was ‘Refugee Lives Matter’.  We wanted to say that ‘All lives matter’.

Thank you to the seven people who came and held banners and placards to show we vegans care about refugees. We were announced along with others and then marched out together holding our banners along with the many other groups present.  More photos of the Refugee Rally on 20 March can be found in AnimalACTivism Collective’s  album here.

Click here to see us at last year’s rally.

People’s Climate March, Stalls and Picnic – Sunday, 29 November 2015

Climate March

Written by Jyoti

Thanks to everyone who came and joined us to speak up for the animals and environment today, and to encourage people to make the connection.

Good conversations and educating. We still have a long way to go. 6,000 or so people attended, most of whom are not vegan YET. Our task is to help people connect the dots.

As one placard says: “Animal agriculture is the leading cause of global warming, water usage, ocean dead zonnes, deforestations, specieis extinction, suffering and death”.

If we truly want to make a change, then what we put into our mouths has to be part of that.

More Pics of Climate Rally on AnimalACTivism Collective Page. Thanks to everyone who came along!

At the end of the march were no less than 5 dedicated Vegan stalls:  Raw Capers (Raw Vegan desserts by Celeste), Kingsland, Living Green Festival, Vegan ACT and AnimalACTivism Collective!

ALACT Demonstration Against Kangaroo Cull – Friday, 19 June 2015

Lyndels ghostly photoOn Friday, 19 June 2015, Animal Liberation ACT held a demonstration outside the Pinnacle Nature Reserve to raise awareness about the ‘ghost population’ of joeys killed as a consequence of the government’s kangaroo culls. Each year the government obtains a licence to kill thousands of kangaroos, but does not take responsibility for the hundreds of joeys orphaned by the cull and left to die a slow death of starvation without access to their mothers’ milk. The event included ‘glow in the dark’ kangaroos as a symbol of the ghost population of joeys killed due to the cull.  This ‘ghost population’ of young animals is not included in the 5,000 kangaroos the Government has been licensed to kill over the next 2 years. Protest

Kangaroo by Ray Drew 3

Vegan Presence at Palm Sunday Rally For Refugees – 29 March 2015

Rally for RefugeesWritten by Jyoti Dambiec

We had three great hand-painted banners, plus two big collaged people, and placards to stand and march in solidarity with refugees.

Feedback has told us that it sends a really powerful message out to the public about Vegans ‘Caring’ when we are at things like this and organisers assure us that we are more than welcome at such events.

It’s completely appropriate for people to attend events such as this as part of a group, in our case as Vegans in Solidarity with Refugees. RAC (Refugee Action Committee) actually encourages this as they feel it demonstrates the broad range of community groups who support refugees.

RAC wrote: The Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees is an annual event in Canberra where community, church, political and union groups from across the region gather together to voice their strong opposition to the Australian government’s shameful refugee policies.

Last year’s rally saw over 2,000 people march through the city demanding an end to the mandatory detention of refugees and other cruel policies aimed at denying refugees their legal right to have their claims processed. Regardless of what our politicians say, it is not illegal to seek asylum in Australia by boat, not even under Australian law, and every asylum seeker has the right to live safely in the community while their claims are processed.

A Vegan Presence at the Candlelight Vigil for Victim of Offshore Detention – Saturday, 22 February 2014

reza's candlelight vigilWritten by Jyoti, Animal ACTivism Collective Liaison

On Saturday 22 February a small group of us took vegan banners and attended the Refugee Action Committee’s vigil in Garema Place for Reza Berati, the Iranian refugee who was killed at Manus Island.  You can read more about Reza Berati here.

Our presence at the vigil received intrigue and interest from the public. One lady came up to us and said that she didn’t know vegans were political and was so happy to see ‘us’ (vegans) there at the rally supporting refugees and being involved in social justice issues. Another person who chatted with us said a similar thing, and said she was so happy to see us there. Also, two Hazara refugees from Afghanistan stopped to chat, and shared their stories with us.

AnimalACTivism Collective plans to organise more actions like this so there is a more visible vegan presence. Many of us go to protests/vigils around social justice issues, and we thought it’s good to identify ourselves as vegans at these things so people can start to understand better that we care about human beings, the environment and a host of justice issues, as well as animal rights.

It’s common for other groups to attend such events with banners identifying themselves, so us letting people know we are there as vegans is nothing out of the ordinary.  It would be awesome to have many more vegans standing with us at the next action! If you’d like to join us in solidarity at future events please contact Jyoti at
You can find AnimalACTivism Collective on Facebook

We also attended this protest in April 2014

And this protest in October 2014