Working Bee for the Chicken Folk of Little Oak – 13 May 2017

Vegan ACT thanks all those who volunteered for the Little Oak Sanctuary Working Bee this weekend! With your help we were able to help make a start on the new poultry run which will soon house many more birds in need.

We hope you awesome vollies had a rewarding day and you enjoyed meeting the animals and the delicious chicken-free lunch we shared!

For all interested, keep an eye out for the next Vegan ACT sanctuary working bee here 💚🐔🐤

Eggs Exposed Outreach – 12 May 2017

May is International Respect for Chickens Month!
To educate and raise awareness about these beautiful and intelligant birds Vegan ACT and Animal Liberation ACT reached out to the public with footage from chicken and egg industries in Australia and offering “egg free” treats for those who stop by to view and chat.

Here is the video shown on the night:

If you would like to get involved leave a facebook message or email

Video of ACT International Earthlings Experience – Saturday, 6 May 2017

Original Post by Laila

Thank you to everyone that participated and opened the minds of those that stopped by the event.  53 cities partipated this year united to bring to light the truth about the way animals are exploited all over the world and promote a life of compassion and peace.

And a huge thank you to Adrian and Tina from Red Gadget Films for filming/photographing and putting this awesome video together!

Previously (in 2016), 37 cities all joined together on one day to open the eyes and change the hearts of so many just through a connection, see video below.

Vegan Day Out in Canberra (Video Wrap-Up and Radio Interview!) – 29 & 30 April 2017

Video by Plant Health Man

On Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 April, local cafes and businesses offered vegan themed specials. We’re talking meal deals, two for ones, free coffees, food samplings, discounted vegan groceries, wine tastings and so much more.  Click on the event page above to read the goss.  You can also listen to a clip (about 9 mins) of Vegan ACT’s own, Michelle Swann, talking about the day on ABC Radio below

or click here to hear the full show (Michelle begins at the 23 min mark).

March to Close All Slaughterhouses – 11 March 2017

Original Post including photos

Thank you from the organisers of the very first March to Close All Slaughterhouses in Canberra, Vegan ACT and Animal Liberation ACT, Lara Drew & Michelle Isobel<3

We were blown away by the response from the Canberra vegan community with over 100 participants. Your compassion, creativity and commitment was a force to be reckoned with.
We just know many members of the public went home with their complacency challenged and new possibilities awoken, so thank you! And thank you to everyone whose support we had from home and afar.

Thank you to our speakers, local heroes for the animals: Carolyn Drew, Bede Carmody and Tara Ward.

Thank you to all the helpers on the day and in the lead up who made it happen, too many to name! You are all wonderful!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who took photos on the day: Reeni, Tara, Jyoti and more. And of course to Gareth who took the photos we share now (and who is always behind the scenes helping make things happen!).

We can’t wait to do it all again next year, and then we will look back reflect on all the leaps forward we have made as a community in that time.

So let’s do it – let’s push things forward, for the animals!


Spring Bake Sale, BBQ & Jumble Sale for Vegan ACT – 17 September 2016

Your donations to, and purchases from the sale were so *so* appreciated, and as always, all funds went towards helping animals by promoting and supporting veganism in our region.  Thank you!

If you would like to donate funds to support the work of Vegan ACT,  please click ‘Donate’ and enter the amount you wish to give.  If you wish to purchase membership or products at the same time, please go to our shop instead.

Working Bee at A Place of Peace Sanctuary – Saturday, 5 November 2016

Just wanted to say a huge shout out to everyone who came all the way out to A Place of Peace for a working bee, and made such a difference on Saturday. It was such a beautiful group of big -hearted souls, and we were so very grateful for the help. You are all awesome!!

Original Post by Michelle

Thank you to Billie Dean, Andrew and Tamsin for everything you do for the animals and of course for your warmth and hospitality towards the volunteers at the Vegan ACT working bee for A Place of Peace Sanctuary on Saturday.
We felt honoured to lend a hand for a day!

Have a look at what this incredible family of animal advocates get up to on their website
and Facebook Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust

If you’d like to support their work for animals, please donate: and visit their online shop at

Human Meat – Relate to Who is On Your Plate Outreach – 8 October 2016

Human Meat Canberra

Original Post by Laila

Here are the photos from the Human Meat protest with Vegan ACT & Animal Liberation ACT last Saturday!

It was a fun and successful day, we were able to set up efficiently and everyone worked fantastically as a team to get the show up and running. It was great to see and hear everyone that was involved sharing their ideas and suggestions and going the extra mile to make everything run smoothly. We would like to give a big thank you to all the volunteers that came together to make this event happen, our beautiful meat actors: Gareth, Andrew, Tammy, Africa, Asmita, Barbra, Melita and Reeni. Our fabulous sign holders: Ebony N, Ebony P, Steve, Rachel, Tanya, Anne, Jackie and Ali. The awesome speakers for handing out flyers and speaking to members of the public: Rohan, Liam, Michelle, Nicole and Laila. To Donna for handing out delicious free cupcakes, the amazing cupcake bakers, all of the wonderful people that collected materials and resources for this project to bring it all together AND the fantastic Tina and Adrian for taking these photos and videoing the whole event.

Although we reached many people either people walking by directly or the passing traffic which gave us many toots and thumbs up, this has been a great learning experience for how to improve next time. To see how it all comes together, what works, what doesn’t work and the location are all a huge part of making events like these successful. We hope to see you all getting involved again!

Video to come soon!

Vegan ACT @ ICAS Conference and Living Green Festival – October, 2016


Original Post by Michelle

It’s been just over a week since Canberra’s iconic Vegan festival, Living Green Festival, and the ICAS Conference – we at Vegan ACT think we’ve just about recovered from the awesomeness overload and are already looking forward to next year 😉

Vegan ACT would like to take a moment to appreciate just some of the people who made it the best weekend yet!
First to thank our brilliant Vegan ACT stall volunteers: Laila El Ayadi, InvaderAli Clough, Mark Ferguson, Ebony Norris, Ebony Palmer, Rohan Beviss, Reeni Rubio-Martinez, Elle Fant, Lynnette Hawley, Maddison Hawley-Tatten, Jackie Radisich, John Smith, Emma Wannell, Gareth Gwych Tudor and Michelle Isobel. I hope you enjoyed introducing veganism and the community to people all day long – you represented the work of Vegan ACT splendidly.

Big, warm, fuzzy thanks to the organisers of Living Green Festival: Jess Ferry, Tara Ward & Tracey Lofthouse. You are magical beings and we are so grateful for what you do for the vegan community and veganism each year. Canberra wouldn’t be the same without you xx

Thank you to everyone who came to the Vegan ACT stall to say hello, browse through our fundraising gear and vegan literature or try the virtual reality experience. We sold lots of outreach t-shirts and totes, and we can’t wait to see you all wearing them around town! If you want to get more involved with volunteering for us, please get in touch via facebook or – every little bit helps.  🙂

Thank you also to all our fellow stall holders who made the festival an absolute treasure trove of food, vegan products and info.

We would also like to thank Lara Drew and Carolyn Drew for bringing the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, Oceania Conference to the ACT on the 2 days prior to LGF. It was so stimulating and inspiring, we can’t wait to attend the next one, wherever that may be!
We encourage all of you to check out their Facebook page and have a listen to some of the talks that featured.

The Vegan ACT /Animal Liberation ACT /ICAS supermarket action and pre-LGF dinner was the perfect way to cap off the conference and lead into the following day of festivities.

We think that about covers it for this year – congrats and thank yous all round! All of you people giving a damn about animals just makes our year

Vegan ACT Bake Sale and BBQ Fundraiser for Signal Hill Sanctuary – 21 May 2016

Signal Hill Sanctuary is a place of refuge for exploited, abused, neglected and abandoned animals generally regarded as ‘farm animals’. It is set on 200 acres of pasture and natural bushland near the Yass River in NSW.
It exists to provide refuge, safety and a voice to farmed animals suffering, or at risk from, exploitation, abuse, neglect or abandonment. This sanctuary is run by one amazing human, Kris, and we are so glad to be able to connect the Vegan ACT community with her invaluable work.

All funds raised went to Signal Hill Sanctuary! If you would like to donate directly to Signal Hill now, please go to