Vegan ACT Fundraiser Raffle Winners Announced! – 27 July 2018

Vegan ACT is a completely volunteer run not-for-profit organisation whose core purpose is to promote and support ethical veganism in the Canberra region. Fundraising is a crucial aspect to ensuring our ongoing ability to support the local community.

Massive thank you to the awesome businesses and organisations that have generously donated prizes!

Tusk Books
The Fish Shack
Little Oak Sanctuary
Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe
Veganarchy Baking
The Cruelty Free Shop
As Nature Intended
Whisker Woods Sanctuary


Photos from Canberra March to End All Slaughterhouses – 16 June 2018

Original message

What an empowering and inspiring day!!
Thank you again to everyone that came along and marched for the animals, thank you to our local activist speakers and thank you to those who helped organise the event! We received quite a lot of attention on the streets and made our message very clear! What do we want? Close the slaughterhouses. When do we want it? Now!

Amazing effort everyone, the animals would be so grateful! 🌱

Photo credit – Gareth Gwych Tudor

Truckload of one-day-old chicks buried alive in ‘clean-up’ after crash on Burley Griffin Way – 5 April 2018


*Truckload of one-day old chicks buried alive in ‘clean-up’ after crash*


In the early hours of Easter Monday a truck carrying 108,000 one-day old chicks in containers crashed on Burley Griffin Way as it headed to a poultry facility in Tabbita. Most of the containers were thrown from the truck as it crashed down an embankment. Yass Valley Council were reportedly in charge of the ‘clean up’ that lasted until around midday the next day.

At around 4pm concerned citizens attended the site in case any birds had been left behind. As they approached, they could hear plaintive but feeble chirping. When they reached the site, a scene of utter devastation met their eyes. The area was scattered with thousands of little bodies both living and deceased. Everything in the area, including the living and dead chicks, had been bulldozed into piles of debris, with live chicks left to suffocate and die in the wreckage. Rescuers then worked for over 5 hours digging the babies out of the mounds by hand.

The accompanying footage makes clear that the actions of those involved in the transport of these animals and the so-called clean-up showed complete disregard for the thousands of lives affected. This kind of hideous occurrence epitomises the cruelty and suffering inherent in animal agriculture and the consumption of animals, and animal products.

There is more to come so please follow Vegan ACT for updates! If you have any enquiries please message us directly through the group, page, by calling on 0417 464 675 or emailing

Original facebook post:

Vegan ACT Trivia Night Fundraiser for A Place of Peace – 17 February 2018

Thank you to everybody who supported the fundraiser for A Place of Peace Sanctuary last night, we had a blast and together we raised $1100 to go towards caring for the animals ❤️👏 Please check out their work and continue to support them!

Congratulations to winning team “Hail Seitan” who walked away with a prize of cookbooks, The Cruelty Free Shop vouchers and a tasty cake mixes and the honour of being crowned the (dark) royalty of trivia! 🤘 Team “Hey You #1” came in at a close second 😉

Some of those who helped make the evening come together: Euan our amazing trivia host; Billie, Andrew and Tamsin from Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust/A Place of Peace Sanctuary who expertly co-organised the event with Vegan ACT; Francine, Steffi, Ali, Gareth, Lyndel and Coffee Room who donated food; our prize donors The Cruelty Free Shop Braddon, The Fish Shack, Gentle Heart Publishing, Big Stinky Dog, Coffee Room, Vegan ACT and participants who donated through both purchasing tickets and other donations on the night, and everyone who shared or promoted the event. I’m sure I will have forgotten someone, please tag them in the comments!

Vegan ACT is completely volunteer run and a registered non-profit dedicated to promoting and supporting veganism in our region in so many different ways, and we rely on this wonderful community to make these fundraisers a success and you always deliver – thank you! 🙌
Please get in touch if you would like to help with future events via

Local Vegan, Alana, shares her recent Vegan experiences – 11 May 2017

Original Post by Alana from Vogue Vegans

My first day of street activism with these amazing people – promoting kindness over cruelty. It was so rewarding and overall such a positive experience! I had people say straight to my face (well, mask) after watching the video that they’re going vegan or eating a vegan meal for dinner tonight! It was for International Earthlings Experience Day which over 38 cities all around the world are taking part in! Watch the videos: (all Australian footage so you can’t bury your head further in the sand by saying “that doesn’t happen in Australia”) or;

Plant Health Man ABC Radio Interview – 15 March 2017

Let’s talk activism!

A message from Laila

It may seem scary and intimidating standing before the public raising awareness about the truth and reality of animal industries, but if you’re passionate about your values and where you stand as a proud member of our vegan community this may be just the right thing for you!
We all remember how nervous we were our first time participating in these experiences, but we gained confidence from the positive effects we are having on members of the public and by supporting each other when we’re out there on the streets together.
Many people have shown an interest in attending outreach and activism such as protests, 1000 eyes experiences and the cupcake challenges and we understand some people may hesitate to attend due to being anxious or uncertain about how it will go and if it ends up having much of an impact or not, but as you can see from the photos and feedback we post we reach a lot of people and many people decide to make changes or even go vegan on the spot after taking the time to listen.
This kind of activism isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine! We all have our own ways of planting seeds. But if you’re leaning towards giving it a go, be brave and join us. It feels truly amazing and rewarding to have discussions with people about the reality of animal agriculture and educate people on veganism.
Everyone is welcome to stop by any of the events for a chat and to see how things run.
Please get in touch with us by emailing, through Vegan ACT or contact Laila directly via messenger if you have any questions or concerns

New ACT and Surrounds Vegan Sharehouse Network on Facebook!

Housemate Queanbeyan

hello welcome 2 the vegan sharehouse group! use this group to find a new house or a new housemate 🙂
~ Vegans Only, Obviously ~
(personally am o.k. with vego/vegan-questioning people being in the group bc this is abt accessibility!!)

– no homophobia, transphobia, misogyny etc.
– posts should state location, rent, utilities incl, pets, smoking etc.
– non-sharehouse posts will be deleted bc I am an EVIL OVERLORD ADMIN but also there’s better groups for general vegan posts 🙂
– if you’re being a soggy weetbix you’ll be deleted

Facebook group:

Vegan ACT Upcoming Projects/Events

Thank you

By Michelle


Big shout out to everyone who helped with the Vegan ACT Bake Sale, BBQ & Jumble Sale! Everyone who baked, donated goods, worked on the stall, invited their friends and came along to enjoy the food and company has warmed our hearts with their generosity and have made such a difference for this little volunteer-run non-profit for the animals! It was a beautiful day.

The funds raised are so appreciated, and as we speak are going straight into Vegan ACT projects and tools to help us make Canberra a kinder place for animals every day, and raise awareness of Veganism in the capital.

We have so many good things on the way that we use your donations for…
Some highlights in the near future will be:
– a double-sized stall with dedicated outreach volunteers at the amazing Living Green Festival
– another fabulous advocacy workshop
– 360° virtual reality outreach
– an improved vegan dining guide
– release of our outreach tees and totes at Living Green
– a presentation with vegan psychologist Clare Mann in November
– a documentary screening
– the dramatic Human Meat demo on October 8
– more working bees
– another bake fundraiser for Whisker Woods Sanctuary in November

If you want to see our work continue to grow, please consider becoming a member of Vegan ACT, making a donation or having a look at our range of fundraising products – all in our online store

Thank you
(If you’d like to get involved with helping/volunteering please get in touch!) 🙂


Book Launch of ‘Ella’ (picture book) by local author, Nicole Godwin – 28 August 2016

Hi all, my picture book about a little elephant in the tourism industry was launched on Sunday 28 August as part of the Canberra Writers Festival at the National Library of Australia.

This is the first in a series of picture books telling the stories of various animals used in tourism.

You can get more information about Ella at

Or go to our ‘Ella’ product page to find out more.


Financial Philosophy – A NSW accounting business for Vegans

Hey Everyone. Tax time is approaching & we are an all vegan ethical family accounting business 🙂 our business services are available exclusively to the vegan community.

If you own an ethical business we can help you get ready for the end of financial year with bookkeeping at just $25/hour and we can coordinate your tax & BAS services. Make sure you comment below if you send a pm so I know to look for it.

Our mission is to provide a high quality professional accounting service, with a focus on facilitating the growth and development of ethical vegan businesses. Financial Philosophy’s business services will be available exclusively to the vegan business community and will be provided at a discounted rate to ensure accessibility to small businesses. We aim to maintain a community based presence and provide support to animal welfare groups as well as our own two activism projects, The River Project and Vegans Inspiring Change.

Vegan Responses to Australia Day (Invasion Day) Lamb Ad 2016

By now you have probably heard about if not seen the dreadful ad that uses the word Boomerang to advertise Invasion Day but incites violence against Vegans.  Here is what some Vegans came up with in response.

Vegan Sidekick:

Vegan Sidekick Ad Image


Canberran, Mike O’Shaughnessy, fashioned this:

Lee Lin Chin


And former Canberran, Chris Delforce, quickly came up with something to show how things really are:

Meat and Livestock Australia issued a ‘take-down’ notice to Aussie farms:

Also check out our new Australia Day (Invasion Day) Pinterest board:

Follow Vegan ACT’s board Australia Day (Invasion Day) on Pinterest.

Local VeganACTivist engages in brilliant advocacy for ADO – 25 September 2015

ADO Director Mike Rosalky delivered an eloquent speech in defence of all animals at the RSPCA ACT Forum ‘2015-2075: A Vision of Animal Welfare in the ACT’. Mike argued persuasively for laws that would protect the fundamental interests of all animals, based on their shared capacity to suffer and to feel pain and emotions. As Mike said in his talk: “In their ability to suffer, a kangaroo is a pig is a dog is a human!”