Get your Vegan Card for discounts galore (Local Vegan Business!)

Vegan Card is an Australia-wide discount card that is owned and run by one of our own, Tracey Lofthouse. It started in 2012 with the aim of helping vegans find small vegan-friendly businesses and get access to products more easily, and help vegan and ethical businesses grow and survive against the ‘big guys’. It wrapped up in 2015, and Tracey started it up again in 2016 with the same objectives. Vegan Card has close to 45 businesses all over Australia offering discounts from 5-25% on thousands of goods and services (you can find almost anything you need), and is adding to them all the time. There are plans afoot to expand overseas.

You may remember seeing the official re-launch at the Living Green Festival in 2016. Well, the Vegan Card has been back for almost a year already and the new financial year’s Card will be available for purchase very soon! Or you can buy one now for the remainder of 16/17 at a greatly-reduced price. The Card is available all-year around, so you can buy one anytime. The price decreases every month.

In Canberra you can use your Card at The Cruelty Free Shop, As Nature Intended and Dickson Health Foods, but Tracey is in discussions with several more businesses. There are currently 25 online businesses that can deliver to pretty much anyone in Australia, and local businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and various other towns and cities so you can use your Card when you travel. Like the Facebook page and keep your eye out for announcements as new businesses are added.

If you like supporting small and vegan businesses with the added bonus of getting discounts, check out the Facebook page and Website to see where you can use the Card, and how to obtain one.

If you are a vegan running your own business or know of a vegan business-owner who might be interested, please drop a line to, or message Tracey via the Facebook page.


Healthy ‘n Happy Baked Goods

Healthy 'n Happy LogoI’m Lauren, a Canberra based, healthy Vegan baker whose aim is to create great food, which you can replicate and serve to your friends and family!  There is the unfounded assumption that Vegan meals are bland, unappetising or just tired old salads but I want to change that idea with my recipes.  I bake using whole foods because I believe it’s important to look after your self and to eat food that responds well on your insides.  I have loved baking ever since I was little and I see it like art.  I have the ability to create something amazing out of the most basic ingredients.  Baking and desserts are something that I’ve always been drawn towards and I continue to aspire to create extravagant food.  If you want to check out my recipes, then head to  Happy baking!

MUFU (Makeup for you) – New Local Business

MUFU Makeup For You

MUFU – Makeup for you is dedicated to bringing quality cruelty free cosmetics to Australia.
We don’t stock any makeup from companies that test on animals.
From local favourites to exclusive overseas brands, MUFU has the makeup for you.
We’re passionate about makeup and providing new and exciting trends directly to you.
Cruelty free makeup for every budget, because makeup is for people not bunnies <3


Let’s Be Natural, Mawson

Let's Be Natural, Mawson

Let’s Be Natural:  I just want to let you all know about our new store in Southlands Mawson. We have heaps of great vegan foods and vegan skincare and makeup. We try to focus on things that are healthy, sustainable, fair trade and as local as possible. We also have a great bulk foods section where you can bring your own container and cut out the packaging, with 10% off the second Saturday of each month if you do.

Sonja Barfoed:  The giantest health-food shop! Their display of bring-your-own-container goods is overwhelming. Lovely vibe and they have the easiest discount club, it’s an automatic percentage off every visit, you don’t have to remember anything. I think there have been yoga classes in the past as it’s such a big space, and beauty treatments are also available.  Parking: Free (specific time limits), very close.  Closest gallery: Mawson Gallery

Our website is

Naked Foods, Braddon – Trial 10% Member Discount

Naked Foods, BraddonUpdateVegan ACT members!

We are delighted to announce that Naked Foods Braddon will be trialling a 10% discount to card-carrying members of Vegan ACT, to be reviewed in July.

It’s a beautiful store and the low packaging ethos is fantastic, go check ’em out!

Written by Sonja Barfoed

Naked foods, Braddon: I must admit, I was surprised when this opened, given the long-standing ANU Food Coop isn’t too far away. This is on my “to visit” list, as I never seem to get there during opening hours – “The store is set out in the style of a lolly shop – but the wares for sale are anything but.” – …and I’m like a little kid leaning my head on the glass trying to open sesame the doors.  Parking: Paid, nearby or up the road.  Closest gallery: KIN Gallery (check out the Hamlet in general)

You can also read a Canberra Times article here.

Fairlings Online Shop Now Live!

FairlingsJust wanted to share some exciting news! 🙂 Michael and I have launched our beautiful online store Fairlings this morning. We’re on a mission to help compassionate individuals who are mindful about the social impact of their personal purchases by providing a curation of high quality ethical products, original and informative content, and daily inspiration for how to lead life as close to nature as possible. Have a look and let us know what you think!

Fairlings connects essential day-to-day products that are fair trade, vegan, eco friendly and organic with conscientious & compassionate people. We would love your support over on our Facebook, Instagram and sign up to our newsletter (

Launch of compassionate online Australian store Fairlings

Coffee Lab, Civic (Vegan-Friendly)

Coffee Lab

Compiled by Rowena

Although I’ve not yet been, there seems to be quite a bit of buzz about Coffee Lab on the Vegan ACT facebook group so I decided to compile the comments.  See end for menu :).

Maddie Haslam:  Went to coffee lab in the city today and was really impressed with all the vegan options! I had the oats something that has the strawberry purée and oh my gosh, it was soooo yummy!!! 😍😍 I highly recommend their food and coffee! The staff were super lovely aswell!!  No photo because I gobbled it up too fast!!

Halcyon Window:  Hey guys. If you haven’t already then go check out Coffee Lab in the city. Great coffee, they use Bonsoy, I didn’t ask about other Mylks but they used almond milk in my oats (freaking amazing btw) so possibly have it for coffee too [Confirmed]. They have 5 vegan options in the menu. I’m having the oats now and its delicious!!  End rant<3

Gabb Carr:  Julian and I went to Coffee Lab for a late breakfast this morning. Super delicious!  It’s near the Tax Office on Narellan St in Civic.  I can’t remember the names of the dishes, but the mushroom one [The First Frost] was my fave (definitely use the lemon with it, that acidity helps cut through mushrooms a little and make it 100X better). And we had a sesame seed crusted avocado one (that was replacing the ‘Healthy something something’ dish) was awesome with a kick of chilli and splash of lime. Fantastic coffee plus super friendly and helpful staff. They make you feel like a regular even if you’ve never been before! Highly recommended!

Amy Victoria‎:  Hi all. Thanks to whoever posted with the coffee lab’s menu. I had lunch there and it was fantastic! So many vegan options, great coffee, good service and no issues with breastfeeding. Oh and very comfy lounge seating which was great for the latter (I love you sweet bones but those chairs are ouchy). Anyway highly recommend if you’re in civic and don’t have time to get to sweet bones 😊’

If you are on a computer, click here to see the latest goss about Coffee Lab on the Vegan ACT Group.

Menu (from photo taken by Steph Gorman)

They have some always vegan and some ‘vegan options’.   I suggest you ask for avocado or mushrooms instead of the animal products rather than leaving them off as you are paying for a missing ingredient and if enough people ask for it, they may decide to make that menu item always Vegan.

All Day Breakfast:

  • Toast served with jam, vegemite or peanut butter
  • Oats Overboard (always Vegan):  Chia, oats & sultanas soaked in almond milk & blueberry juice served with strawberries, stone fruit salsa, flaked almonds and passion fruit
  • Heaps Healthy (ask for Vegan):  Hummus stuffed piquilos peppers, house pickles, alfalfa, spices, lemon and EVO
  • The First Frost (ask for Vegan):  Roast field mushroom topped with sauteed wild mushrooms, rosemary, thyme & garlic on multigrain toast with zucchini ribbons, alfalfa & lemon
  • Lil Italy (ask for Vegan):  Confit garilc smashed into multigrain toast with lightly pickled hairloom cherry tomatoes, torn basil and garlic chips


  • Stoners Delight (always Vegan):  Caramelised stone fruit, heirloom tomatoes, collard greens, spanish onion, fresh corn, charred bread, cervil & cashew cream
  • Rainbow Salad (ask for Vegan):  Cherry tomatoes, red grapes, quinoa, corn, pepitas, basil, onion, spinach and pink goddess dressing

Round Pizza (formerly Walter G’s Pizza Obsession), Dickson (Vegan-Friendly)

Walter Gs Pizza Obsession

Where:  Round (formerly Walter G’s Pizza Obsession), Chalis Street, Dickson

New Vegan Menu (As of May 2017):

  • VEGAN SUPREME:  Tomato base, vegan ham, vegan pepperoni, mushrooms, roasted red capsicum, spanish onion, fresh capsicum, olives, chunky cut pineapple topped with vegan mozzarella.
  • VEGAN VEGI PESTO:  Tomato base, baby spinach, mushrooms, roasted red capsicum, grilled eggplant, cherry tomatoes topped with vegan mozzarella garnished with vegan basil pesto aioli.
  • VEGAN PEPPERONI:  Tomato & olive base, vegan pepperoni, spanish onion, fresh green capsicum, chilli flakes topped with vegan mozzarella.
  • VEGAN MEXICAN:  Salsa base, vegan chorizo, spanish onion, jalapeños topped with vegan mozzarella with a side of avocado salsa & corn chips
  • VEGAN PERI CHICKEN:  Tomato base, vegan chicken, red roasted capsicum, caramelised onion, fresh capsicum, pineapple topped with vegan mozzarella garnished with vegan peri peri aioli.
  • VEGAN BARBECUE CHICKEN:  Smokey barbecue base, vegan chicken, spanish onion, vegan feta cheese, mushrooms, spring onion topped with vegan mozzarella.


  • VEGAN CHOCOLATE PIZZA:  Vegan chocolate base, fresh strawberries and banana topped with vegan chocolate sauce drizzle and icing sugar.

What people have said about Round:  Vegan pizza party at Walter G’s!! So awesome to have vegan pizza options on menu. They’re so accommodating and welcoming 😄 amazing turn out with over 40 people! We started off with cheezy garlic bread, followed by supreme, ham and pineapple, and veggie patch pizzas, finally, finishing off with nutella dessert pizza 😍🍕 The Earthly Vegan’s original post.

If you are on a computer, go here to get all the latest Vegan ACT group goss about Walter G’s.