Omega 3 DHA-EPA for Vegans

By Andrew Wilson

Although vegans get enough Omega 6’s from plant based sources, the high ratio of Omega 6 to 3 means that the Omega 3 is inhibited from optimal absorption into the system. Moreover, DHA and EPA can’t be obtained sufficiently from plant based sources. DHA & EPA are both crucial for the health of our heart, brain and overall well-being and is just as important as B12. The best way to get sufficient amount of these vitamins is through the use of supplements. Return 2 Health stocks the supplement at a great price from the link below (with both capsules and lemon syrup options):

Deva Vegan DHA EPA

Further information regarding Omega 3, DHA and EPA can be found at this link

Vitamin B12

Anyone who is vegan or getting close should be taking a vitamin B12 supplement or suitably fortified foods. Do some reading about nutrition, for example and Becoming Vegan by Melina & Davis.
For information on the important topic of vitamin B12 see:

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