Book Review of Being Vegan by Joanne Stepaniak

Being Vegan by Joanne Stepaniak
Review by Francine Horne

I bought this book from one of our Animal Liberation jumble sales and after reading it I can’t believe someone gave it away!

Joanne answers questions throughout on vegan philosophy, relationships with family and friends, ethical practice, vegan practice and food.

It is so informative and has answered many questions I had although I have been vegan for 5 1/2 years.

It’s definitely a book I will keep referring to.

Find out more here:

Although this book is out of print you can still order it from various sources.  Here is a list of new and used copies:

One Comment:

  1. Hi Francine, This is definitely a gem. This is the first book I read after becoming Vegan back in 2011. Everything in it made so much sense to me. Definitely one of my most treasured books.

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