Being Vegan at ANU

On Campus (or really close to it) Eats


“The campus bakery […] does a mean vegan not-sausage roll!

Food Co-Op

from 12-2 has $6 vegan lunches (usually rice and some sort of bean/veg stew/curry)

If you’re a unit like your’s truly you can get a refill for just another $4.


Zambreros is always quick and filling”

Coffee Lab

if you’re looking for soy-based coffee, don’t both going anywhere else other than Coffee Lab or Coffee Grounds.

Brod Burger

Brod burger comes with a bunch of phat roast veggies. Not bad, but also not great.


The kebab place makes nice falafels, either as a meal or in a wrap

The Street Theater

“The Street Theatre used to have a couple of vegan options (I haven’t checked in a while), but they were a bit expensive and the portions not very big (pretty fancy and delicious though)


The momo place in the pop up has veggie momos (they are vegan)

The momos are delish. Half and half steam and fried goes down a treat with their home made chilli sauce.

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