Register for Sydney Pig Save Bearing Witness Action by 17 March 2017

Original Post from Sydney Pig Save

“Our Sydney Pig Save friends are planning something big and powerful for animals this year. They plan to hold vigils at slaughterhouses across NSW, to show the animals that their lives matter. They have approached Animal Liberation ACT to open this opportunity up to Canberran activists.
The first vigil is going to be an extraordinary beginning. It will be based on the principles of non-violence, love and compassion.
It will consist of people being with animals in their final moments of their lives, to acknowledge them as individual living beings, to see their suffering and to say we are sorry.
Planning for the first ever vigil in our region is well underway.
Sydney Pig Save need volunteers for this ‘bearing witness’ initiative.
It will involve travelling to a slaughterhouse in our region on a weekday. There is a strict code of conduct for volunteers. If you think this might be something you wish to be part of, please visit their newsletter page: and register at their website:
Registrations close Friday 17 March 2017 so be QUICK.
Bearing witness to animals in the final moments of their lives is a powerful, non-violent approach based on the principles of animal equality and freedom. You can find out more about ‘bearing witness’ here:”

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