Rally to Ban Live Export – Saturday, 9 June 2018

Facebook Event page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/222468198485312/

When:  9 June at 11:15–12:00
Where:  Outside the Office of Dr Andrew Leigh MP 8/1 Torrens St Braddon ACT

The Animal Justice Party are beyond outraged and saddened by the the recent live sheep export investigation. How many more times does this have to happen? The ALP have announced that they will ban live sheep exports if they win the next election. But does this go far enough?

We already know how the Liberal Party feel about animal welfare as they won’t even consider a pause in the trade over Australia’s winter. Instead they have come up with there own “New Science” which goes against what science has already proven. Reducing stocking densities will do NOTHING to alleviate heat stress during the hot Middle East summer. The Liberal National Party, The National Farmers Federation and the Live Export Industry all say that “Animal Welfare is Paramount”, yet continue to condemn thousands of sheep to slowly cook alive on board these ships of shame.

We will not stop until we see a complete ban on all live animal exports. As Australia’s only political party for animals, we will continue to relentlessly put pressure on Labor and Liberal MPs and candidates to acknowledge that changing the law to ban live animal exports is not only the best option for animals, but for everyone involved.

On 9 June let’s stand together with one voice and demand a ban on all live animal exports.

Join us for a short rally outside Dr Leigh’s office followed by a group photograph which I will ask people to share far and wide, to show the politicians that we want this hideous industry to end. Labor are heading in the right direction. Let’s show them that we will hold them to it.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Bernie Brennan
Animal Justice Party
ACT Branch
Ph 0427 777 044

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