A Thousand Reasons Why Outreach – Friday, 8 June 2018

Facebook event page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/226503551269064/

When:  6:00-7:30, Friday 8 June 2018

Are you passionate about spreading the vegan message and educating people on the truth behind the closed doors of Australian animal agriculture? This outreach experience is a great way to connect with the public about what we are really paying for when we purchase animal products.

How it works:
Laptop holders wearing masks stand together in a circle with laptops facing out for people to view the footage. Sign holders are spread out in an outer circle a short distance away from the laptops. And speakers walk among the group discussing the footage and handing out vegan easy booklets to people that stop by the action.

This experience has been very successful in the past and many people have gone vegan on the spot or shown an interest in making changes to their lifestyle just from a short conversation with us!

If you have any questions/concerns or just want to know more about how this event works, please contact Laila via messenger 🙂

For those participating, please:

*Bring a laptop if you can, with the following downloaded onto the device:https://vimeo.com/130694373

*Dress adaptable to weather

*Wear black, or dark clothing

*Bring a backpack, as you’ll be using your hands

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